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Let the content speak for itself


Nine Vox is an emerging news/media website, we cover vast category of topics whether it is technology, sports or entertainment, we cover it all!. With every article we try to provide our readers with an immersive experience which not only entertains them but also educate them.

How we started and where are we now?

KNine Vox started as a platform for all tech enthusiasts to get the latest information regarding everything related to tech world, whether it was new mobile releases, amazing gadgets, or reviews of different mobiles and laptops. We recceived overhelming response from our readers and so we decided it was time to step up and we created a bigger news/media website that not only covers tech news but also provides you with updates on different topics.

Why KNine Vox?

Founded in January 2017 has now reached over hundred thousand people all across the world providing the users with latest and best coverage of everything happening in the world. It is very important in today’s world to stay updated with the current news. To enhance your knowledge and to keep you updated with the daily news and information, here we are: KNine Vox. KNine Vox is complete doze of your daily needs. We give you latest news in the field of Technology, Sports, Science and most of the other stuff that you need to know that are related to your life directly or indirectly. After hard working reseach our young powerful team of experts give you a detailed and critical view on each event.

Our Team

Akshay Bhardwaj Founder and Developer
Rishav Bhardwaj Co-Founder, Senior Editor
Daniel Joseph Del Vallé Investor
Gaurav Kapil Editor
Parneet Singh Writer