What exactly is USB Type – C and its features

USB Type – C is an amazing small build connector that supports USB standards like USB 3.1 and USB power delivery (USB PD). USB Type – A is the one you are most familiar with and use in day to day lives. Although we have shifted to different types of USB but the connector is still the same.There are many devices that have different USB with different shapes and sizes. This gradually resulted in different types of connector too. But that era of different sizes of connectors will come to an end soon.

The USB 3.0 standard was published in 2008 and allows for theoretical speeds of around 5.0 Gbit/s.

USB Type – C is all new connector type that is very small in size. This will serve as a single connector standard that every device can be used with. You will require only one thing, and that’s a single cable and doesn’t matter if you are charging your smartphone with it or just connecting an external hard drive with your laptop. This connector is tiny enough to fit into a mobile device and powerful enough to be used with all other peripherals too. The cable has USB Type – C connectors at both ends.

USB Type – C has many advantages. It is reversible and its shape can be adopted in all devices. Now you don’t need to buy different types of USB cables for different types of devices. All you need is one this USB cable and you are done. You can save yourself from the mess of taking care of different types of USB cables.


USB Type – C ports has the capability to support variety various protocols through “alternate modes,” and gives you an option of HDMI, VGA, or other types of connections from this single USB port.


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