What is important – More Cores or More GHz

Blank or confused what configuration of laptop or CPU to pick which delivers best according to your need? Mind says go for dual core or more core and intuition guides you to pick something with good solid speed in frequency in GHz.Confusion! What to choose? What configuration will go to fit well for your desires? Both are simultaneously important as both of them required according to needs based on the fact that which kind of application you want to run on laptop or CPU.

As per the type of task you wish to perform on your laptop or CPU, your requirement may change. For example, if you wish to use your laptop or CPU for gaming or design you will need dual or more cores along with good frequency in GHz and if you want to perform video editing tasks and other equivalent jobs, you need extra good frequency along with good core numbers.

Hence the conclusion is that we need both in a balance as per use based requirements. Moreover, GHz is not only one factor in determining the speed and performance of CPU. Other factors such as cache, depth pipeline, cores and execution units also play their role in not only the speed factor but also decide the architectural structure of CPU or laptops.

The simplest way to understand this factor is to understand the fact that a CPU has a clock in it which computes things from the core (processor). The speed of computing from the core is measured in GHz and now if our CPU has more than one core, we will need a high speed mechanism to compute data from different core in fraction of seconds.

Therefore now you can well understand that all depends on the type of tasks we wish to perform on our laptop.

Hence one should know first exactly know that what application one main wants to run on his laptop or computer and then derive out the fact that what balance is required for that. One should consult with the expert to choose right computer for themselves which will serve their motive well and use their laptop for the effective and efficient completion of their work.


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