Virtual Reality (VR) vs Augmented Reality (AR) – Explained in detail

In the past 10 years, the technology has advanced at The Lightning speed. The growth in technology has been unbelievable. The technology that we are using currently was impossible for the users 10 years ago.

In the same way in next 10 years, we can’t imagine what technology will bring for us. Few of the technological advancements had an ever changing impact on the way how the users use the technology. So today we will have a look over at the two most amazing inventions of the technology – that is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Do we all really know what is virtual reality and augmented reality? So today we will improve your knowledge about the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality.

There was a time in the late 1990s when most of the companies wanted to launch virtual reality into the technology but it couldn’t happen. Virtual reality was a craze among the people and that was the reason why companies were fighting hard to come up with virtual reality concept.


It all started with the Nintendo who made its attempt through a device named “Nintendo virtual boy”. It was a failure, but it was a beginning of new technology. So now let us have a look at the basic concept of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is the technology that creates a whole new virtual world and users are made to disconnect from the real world and they feel that they are actually interacting in that virtual world. Virtual reality looks so real that the user is unable to experience any difference between the real world and that virtual world. To experience the virtual reality we use instruments to wear such as VR helmets or something like Oculus Rift.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality can be called as the derivation of virtual reality. In Augmented reality, the professionals develop images in the applications that are much closer to the real world. Augmented reality helps the user in interacting with those images in the real world. In other words, it is a technology that brings a computer generated image to the user’s real life and helping the user to interact with the same.


Both the technologies try to construct a new world for the users. Both the technologies are focused on the fact that user may feel that the wall between the real world and the virtual world has been partially removed. Thus it can be said that both the technologies are working to create something different from the real world.



The major difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is that virtual reality completely disconnects the person from the real world, and this makes him feel that he has jumped into another world and it seems to be the actual world. With the help of VR helmet or other instruments the user feels that he is actually in a new world and until the time he is in virtual reality, he doesn’t even know about the real world.

In Augmented reality, the user is not completely disconnected from the real world. The uses in augmented reality are allowed to interact with the virtual images around them and at the same time they are also in the touch with the real world and that’s the main difference between augmented reality and virtual reality.

Real life applications:

Real life applications of augmented reality are lots. Every day we experience augmented reality in our life. Augmented reality is also used in the military. Talking about our daily life navigation application is one of the best examples of augmented reality.

Similar to Augmented reality, Virtual reality also has endless applications in real life. Virtual reality is present in every field nowadays. One of the best examples of virtual reality is in the Healthcare sector. With the help of virtual reality, the doctors can try operations on the virtual patients and thus try to learn and research on the experiments. Virtual reality is also used in visualizations of geographical areas, practicing aircraft flight simulation and data analysis.


Thus, this was all about the information on augmented reality and virtual reality. Both the Technologies are still at their initial stages and we expect that these Technologies will reach new heights in the coming decade. For more information on new technologies and latest information in the field of Technology, stay tuned with KNine Vox.


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