Why Galaxy S8 is better than iPhone 7

Samsung recently launched its flagship S8, giving a totally different look to the device than its predecessors. Let’s take a look on S8 features over iPhone 7.


iPhone’s retina display was a hit some time but now there are better technologies used in displays one of which is used in the new flagship S8. One point where iPhone 7 lacks in looks is its big bezels. S8 has much smaller bezels “just feels like a screen in hand”, I mean who doesn’t like small bezels. Moving forward towards its resolution iPhone 7 just has a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 ppi pixel density) whereas S8 has 1440 x 2960 pixels (~570 ppi pixel density).

Unlocking options


S8 has a huge number of unlocking options than iPhone 7. S8 contains PIN/password/pattern with fingerprint scanner, facial detection and iris scanner whereas iPhone 7 just has PIN/touch ID/password. But more options doesn’t mean better locking system but in this case, it does. Fingerprint sensor in both devices is fairly equally fast but iris scanner in S8 is future of unlocking devices it is fast as well as secure. Iris scanner is just icing on the cake in safety region.




Everyone knows what a VR is and everyone must have experienced a VR but some may not have and some of them might be the iPhone owners. Apple has not made any device that will work with a VR even not its latest iPhone 7. But on the other side S8 works with any VR.

Headphone Jack


Apple decided to remove headphone jack from their latest iPhone 7 making iPhone 7 working with just apple airpods whereas Samsung galaxy s8 works with every headphone. Apple airpods are not the best headphones around, there are better choices than airpods so iPhone 7 users won’t be able to experience them.




Samsung Galaxy S8 offers wireless charging whereas iPhone 7 is still using the old way of charging i.e. wired charge. S8 even offers fast charging that iPhone 7 does not and having a larger battery life in S8 than iPhone 7 can help people doing more stuff in a single charge.


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