One of the biggest Clash of Clans update is here and it is awesome

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is one of the most installed games across the world. On Google PlayStore Clash of Clans has hit 500 million installs. Since 18 days Supercell had brought a ship into the game which used to be at the coast and was a surprise for all users. In Clash of Clans, YouTube channel Supercell posted videos for its upcoming update which made users more eager to find out what was the new update.

Today the update went official and looks like Supercell has really done a great thing for users of Clash of Clans. Supercell has added a new builder base, in which users have come across various new buildings, defenses, and army. Players sometimes used to get bored with their base, when troops were getting ready or something is on upgrading which will take a huge time to complete. To remove this boredom they have added a new builder base, in which players have to make their base from scratch with every building different from the original base.

Being a Clash of Clan user from last 3 years I might say this is the best update Supercell has come up with. The new update consist of a whole new base known as builder base, one new builder, new defenses, new army, and new decorations too.

Update don’t only come with the builder base but also to the original base. A new level to the research laboratory is there and a new troop is also there. The new update comes with a huge package and Supercell has really impressed its users with this update.


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