Get ready to feel the hands-free future with AirDog

The first drone from AirDog was launched in 2015 CES. At that time that drone was the first one to have a feature to track you automatically. But now various other drone companies are using the same feature to make their drones special.

Best known DJI made this feature a really great one. They added not only motion tracking but also facial tracking and controlling through hand gestures.

But now AirDog is back with its new drone AirDog AD II which literally took the tracking feature to another level. Gyroscope Magnetometer, barometric air pressure sensor, accelerometer, and GPS are there in the drone to correctly focus on the subject up to 500 feet.

The controller has small LED display which now has a backlit so as to be clearly visible in bright sunlight. And the controller also has various buttons to set waypoints, start and stop a run, change the mode, return to your home point, takeoff, and land so as to get the perfect shot you want.


Seeing the picture of Airdog AD II you might be familiar with the design because it’s the same as the original AirDog drone. Previous AirDog drone was pretty good in tracking but now AirDog AD II is even better. ADII goes a decent way to change this with a feature called “3D Lines” (more on this in a bit) and scenic modes — now you can get your establishing shots, hands-free, all with the same drone. And also AD II uses a 3-axis gimbal and not a 2-axis gimbal so expect some really smooth footage.


Going back, AirDog with its first Kickstarter was able to collect $1.3 million with the original drone and they have now started another Kickstarter for AirDog AD II.

So if you are an extreme athlete and want to share some awesome clips of your ride then just go for the AirDog AD II. The first 250 units are set to ship to backers this August.


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