Amplify the sound from your phone with these eco-friendly speakers

Infusing environmentally friendly methods into your everyday routine is a great way to start living more sustainably, and these eco-friendly speakers are perfect for tech enthusiasts who just can’t seem to part with their gadgets and devices.

Morph is a brand that works on above rules, and hence they have been selling these beautifully designed eco-friendly speakers. These speakers don’t really need electricity because they don’t produce sound they act as a medium to provide natural amplification to the sounds, unlike electronic methods. All you have to do is place your iPhone in these speakers and what you get is amplified, loud and great sound quality.

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iPhone speakers nowadays sound really great, but when you compare them with other speakers, iPhone speakers might not feel that good, and for that purpose just buying these Morph speaker could be a really great deal. Morph speakers use the sound from the electronic device and amplify the sound with the help of the wisely designed structure and high quality of wood.

About their mission people behind Morph speakers have to say this:


We believe business is one of the gateways to making change in the world. Our mission is to get as many trees planted as we can by donating to the planting of trees. By doing so, it is one way to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.


These speakers are not alone eco-friendly but as well budget friendly, and their compact size makes it really easy to carry them in a bag or even your pocket.

Well, they are not only providing great speakers but also their contribution to TreeEra means that they are contributing a part of the sales in planting trees. TreeEra community-funds the planting of trees to help individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint.

Morph speakers start from a cost of as low as $25 and can go high to around $100. You can visit the website if you want to buy one for yourself or for your loved ones.

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