An American magazine names iPhone X as the best smartphone camera

A report has been published by an American magazine named Consumer reports. This report has been named as the report on the best smartphone cameras.

This report has the names of the famous smartphone producers and has some interesting results. According to this report; iPhone X has taken the top spot as the best smartphone camera. The second and third spot has also been bagged by Apple. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus have bagged the second and third place.

Interestingly, the fourth place has been bagged by the Samsung Galaxy S8. One of the most interesting things about this report is that only Apple, Samsung, and Google have managed to find a place in the top ten on this report. Google’s pixel has also got the position in top ten.


The Other phones that have got the position in top ten are iPhone 7, iPhone 6s plus, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 7 plus etc.

There has not been much difference in the performance of the camera as per the customers but there have placed these smartphones as per there preference, It also noted that most of the smartphones in top 10 use the same type of camera sensors and have performed reasonably well.

This was all about the report, we will bring you more fact and date about the performance of smartphones in the current year and we will also bring you a detailed article on the points of improving the camera performance.


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