Nimbus announces a new SSD drive with a massive 100 TB storage

The storage capacity of computing devices is increasing day by day. With the advancement of technology, we are now able to get more storage in that same size drives. But now Nimbus Data has come out with a record-breaking 100 TB 3.5-inch SSD shattering the previous record of 60 TB 3.5 inch SSD.

Nimbus ExaDrive is world’s first 100 terabytes storage capable SSD and thus becomes the largest 3.5-inch SSD. But they also reported that it is also most energy efficient and drives 80 to 90 percent less power than other SSDs in this segment.

This SSD is meant for enterprise use, but its standard is 3.5 inch which means it can be put into a PC and you could just stop worrying about storage problems anymore. Speeds are roughly in-line with enterprise-grade SSD, too: up to 100K read/write IOps “for balanced performance.”


100 TB for an SSD is a lot of storage and for an approximation, it means that you can store 17,000 HD movies and that actually is a huge amount.

The price is still not out, but we can be sure that Nimbus is going to charge a lot of money for this little beast.

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