Google Pixel 3 design might have been revealed accidentally

Google is yet to announce any news regarding its next flagship Pixel 3. But with the announcement of Android P beta and its design and features, many are speculating that Google has accidentally revealed the design of Pixel 3 and it will support a notch.

This all started when Android Police released a set of images from Android P beta and revealed that it only shows 4 notification icons in the status bar. Well, this was done for the reason that Android P supports notched displays, as the notch is becoming a standard for every android device.


But after Android Police came up with their revelation of the status bar, BGR and Forbes were quick to call it an accidental reveal of the Pixel 3 design, as they claimed that Android P has this feature because Pixel 3 will have a notch.

They go into details of why they think so, and what all UI elements hint at the Pixel 3 design. On the other hand, Tom’s Guide claimed that we just can’t be sure if Pixel 3 will support any notch. This new revamped status bar design could not verify if Pixel 3 will support a notch, Google might have taken this step to balance out the notifications on the status bar and keep it more organized.

Google would not only take this step for its own device but also to support thousands of third-party headsets. But still we cannot deny that Google Pixel 3 won’t support a notch, just these features might not be the hints for the Pixel 3.

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