Google rolls out continued conversation, no need to say “Ok Google”

Earlier for any conversation with the Google Assistant the “OK Google” or “Hey Google” keywords were required as a wake-up call, but now you can have continued conversations with the Google Assistant and will not have to say these words over and over again. Last May at Google I/O conference Google promised a solution for the repeated “Ok Google” commands in the form of continued conversation and now the update is rolling out to the US Google Home devices.

What Google has done is that the microphone will still listen to the commands for an 8-second window and will respond to the users’ query. For continued conversations, you don’t have to speak the wake-up phrase for every query. You just need to speak that to initiate the conversation and after that, the assistant will stay active to listen to another command and anyone present in the room can interact with the assistant without repeating the conversation.

But the command has to be given within the eight-second window otherwise the assistant will shut down. To end the conversation either do not say anything or you can say “Thank You”, or “I’m done” phrases.


The continued conversation won’t work when the device is used for a phone call, playing a media, or when a timer is going off. You can toggle on Continued Conversation from the settings in the Assistant app.

Continued Conversation presents an amazing solution to the only weakness that Google assistant had.

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