How to play Google’s secret adventure game

If you never knew about this game just like me, Don’t worry. Not everybody knew about this, but once you do, you will find yourself playing it for hours.

Well, earlier, Google was just a search engine mechanism, but now it’s a smartphone manufacturer, an email provider, and smart home company. This seems pretty simple too, but you need to open your eyes and search for a new angle to find these things. Just like that, Users have discovered that there’s a full-text adventure hidden within and it’s available to anyone who knows the secret method required to find it.


In order to find it, you need to use the right browser. Chrome will do just fine. Other than that Firefox and edge will work too.

After choosing the correct browser, you need to type in the term “text adventure” in the search bar.

Next, right click on the page and click “Inspect” (the Windows shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I, or Cmd + Option + I for Macs will also work) and from the menu that pops up select the “Console” tab.


You should now see a small note asking “Would you like to play a game?” Type “Yes” next to the prompt, and you’ll embark upon a light-hearted adventure as you explore the Google campus trying to find the letters of the company’s name. If you’ve never played a text adventure before, you control your character by typing in simple commands to progress through the puzzles and story. Typing “north,” “south,” “east,” or “west” will move you through the world, while other commands like “grab” and “use” will let you interact with items in the world.

Play it once, and you will definitely lose track of time and play it for hours without realizing it.


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