MKBHD has a favorite police force and its from INDIA

One of the most famous Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee (Marques K. Brownlee according to Wikipedia) has recently tweeted telling about his favorite Police Force. And certainly that police force is from INDIA.

A recent tweet from Nagpur Police which was about safe driving mentioned MKBHD there. Well it is really surprising watching the way the Nagpur police tweeted. The way MKBHD speaks in his videos “Hey, what is up guys MKBHD here” Nagpur police seems to kind of mock it by saying “Hey, what is up guys? This is NGPCTYPOLICE”. This makes us think that there must be someone in NGPCTYPOLICE who’s been following MKBHD and that’s kind of cool or dope in terms of MKBHD.


Replying to the above tweet MKBHD tweets that he has now a favorite police force. This tweet of Nagpur police is really catching up Hype within INDIA.

And we were also able to see some amazing comments that people left on the tweet.


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