PUBG Mobile Players Discover Dead Zombies in Erangel

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) creator Tencent Games recently announced its partnership with the team at RE_Games for the remake of Resident Evil 2 and we even saw a tweet showing a video via the official Twitter handle of the game. Now, some players spotted black liquid (supposedly zombie blood) on floors with foot stains in Erangel map. After which, recently some players saw dead zombies lying at the outlying islands near the Military Base area in Erangel.

New leaks have teased that the upcoming update could bring in a new Zombie mode, a new death cam feature, a new weapon called the MK47 Mutant, and the auto-rickshaw equivalent called Tukshai.



The 0.10.5 update is arranged to hit servers and go live by 20th January. Along with the zombie mode, the update will bring the submachine gun called PP-19 Bizon, a new assault rifle called the MK47 Mutant, a vehicle called Tukshai and much more. The speculated MK47 Mutant weapon, which is a new Assault Rifle that will use 7.62mm ammo. It offers single and burst fire modes and has a round of 20 magazines. There is also a new weapon attachment called the Laser Sight, which takes up a slot on the lower rail. It improves hip-fire accuracy, making it ideal for ‘run-n-gun’ situations.

The new vehicle called “Tukshai” is basically an auto rickshaw more famously called Tuk-Tuk in other Asian countries. The new update for PUBG will bring classic voices when you select the voice in the quick chat settings. It will allow you to chat with your friends in some new classic voices.


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