Dr. Mario world is releasing soon and it feels like Candy crush

Dr. Mario is a 1990 action puzzle video game which was created and published by Nintendo. Super Mario World is a modified version of the original super Mario which was taken by Nintendo Entertainment System.

The basic concept of Dr. Mario is far more different than Dr. Mario world. The game is a match-three game instead of a match-four which will make all the strategies used to play Dr. Mario world, useless. But Dr. Mario World is more of a single stage-based, free-to-play experience than it is a serious puzzle game.

The game uses the drag and drop style which makes it similar to the more recent monotony of the game. Instead of a Tetris-style drop of the capsules, players drag and drop them, and they can even continue to move half-capsules to a more advantageous place, should they match the first capsule.


The game has constantly moving pixels which makes it a little more tricky and different than the other puzzle games. It just doesn’t really feel like a Dr. Mario game. It also has a multiplayer mode.

Some of the concepts and items are directly copied from Candy crush like the bombs which must be destroyed and items moving from place to place. It’s very much a stage-by-stage puzzle game, rather than the infinite gameplay of Tetris or the original Dr. Mario.

There is really an evolution from the basic puzzle game to a more contrasting version of the original Dr. Mario game


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