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Leaked Video shows UFO sighting – deemed ‘Massive Intelligence Failure’

Recently, the video of UFO sighting captured by the US Navy in 2019 become a trend before intelligence agencies are about to submit the report to the US Congress. The video was shared by Jeremy Corbell, a filmmaker on Twitter.

The US mainly stated that the “massive intelligence failure on its hands” with the UFOs are recognized. News about UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects has been spread across the world.

Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, also stated that there are many videos that have been declassified or leaked. Not all the videos are authenticated by Government officials.


Jeremy Corbell mainly states that the US Navy photographed as well as filmed the video which shows the “spherical” shaped UFO. Corbell also stated in his tweet that the unidentified object moved at great speed and then disappeared shortly.

Based on the report by the intelligence agencies on UFOs especially sparked that they renewed the interest about the US Government handled the sightings of these accurate mysterious flying objects. The file has been given to the Senators and briefed in the Pentagon about the sightings of the UFOs.

Classified Information:

Mellon said to CNBC stating that the Government is concerned that there could be massive intelligence failure on its hands. Videos on the UFO Sighting in the US Leaked mainly states that it is extremely disturbing even after spending more than hundreds of dollars for years about the news on the UFO.

Authorities mainly believed that the Airspace is secure and have more vehicles operating restricted in the military airspace with impunity with recurring as well as a sustained basis.


Mellon also stated that classified information is shared with the public. Mellon also mainly added that there is a lot of systems for detecting UFOs along with the multiple uses that include the prevention of Nuclear warfare.

With more details revealed that could compromise the country’s defense, their information is stated as secure. Mellon also states the report is produced at the unclassified level so that they could easily give the people better support and a safe environment. There is also no national security threat until now.

Legitimate Images Of Unexplained Objects:

The debate also stated that there are ongoing aspects about how serious the UFO sightings with leaked videos as well as photos by the US Navy.

Christopher Mellon is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for intelligence stated this with multiple videos of UFOs. The mysterious flying objects in US airspace mainly become one of the most denoted attributes.


US Defense Department also confirmed last month that the image, as well as videos from 2019 years, is legitimate images of unexplained objects. These are also called the Unidentified Aeriel Phenomena (UAP).

Department of Defence announced this month that they have been probing with the Pentagon on handling the unexplained sightings on the American airspace. Pentagon created a task force In August for studying the UFO sightings along with many other reports by the US defense personnel. The US has “massive intelligence failure on its hands” for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

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