Ban on passenger flights lifted by Canada

In India, the craze of going abroad is at its peak, especially when it comes to Canada. Attributed to its hike, common people more often call it ‘Mini Punjab’. But as we know since COVID-19 has hit globally, various countries banned immigration services from others. So all who have been interested in seeking more opportunities in Canada here’s something you should not miss….

Canada has lifted the month-long ban on passenger flights from our country. Earlier, on Tuesday restrictions were extended till the 26th of September. But as of 27th September 2021, direct flights from India to Canada are resumed by Air Canada. Yeah! Surely, with all measures as by COVID-protocol.

While Air India is expected to resume the flights from 30th September 2021. The ones who were boarding indirect flights to Canada needed a pre-departure negative report of COVID-19 from the third country and have issues with those who had previously tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The mandatory requirements needed to be fulfilled at the time of boarding include;                         

  • A pre-departure negative molecular test result from Genestrings Laboratory (location-above metro station in ACB at Indira Gandhi International Airport)
  • Test performed within 18 hours before scheduled departure
  • Present report with QR code to air operator

Those who have previously tested positive can present the positive molecular report. The date of the collection must be in between 14 and 180 days before the day of the flight. This news has served as a great step towards normalizing air mobility.