Debut with Google Pixel Fold

Our’s being the era of growing technology, eventually promises an astonishing future ahead, though seeks many development and changes. One of them, spreaded as a wildfire is “THE FOLDABLE SMARTPHONES”.

The trend of foldable handsets which lost its popularity eight-nine years back has now made a bounce back collabed with the latest smart technology-“THE FOLDABLE SMART PHONES”. Since it’s first release in the market it’s winning the hearts of a large population and prompted many other companies to join the run and contribute their parts to the developing technology.

The first of its kind emerged in November 2018 with OLED displays. But won mass attention  only after the release of the ‘Z-Series’ by Samsung the last year providing great features including;

  • High durability
  • More precision with flex mode
  • Compact set serving serving dual function(i.e., both as mobile phone, tab or a tripod)
  • More sleeker body
  • Fingerprint scanner integrated with power lock button
  • Modifying single sim tray to the dual one

Though improvement in the above aspects, Samsung has basically worked on the hardware part, the portables still need great changes and upgradations. This is what all are expecting from the new upcoming “Google Pixel Fold”, which is expected to make major changes with the software system and improve the currently existing Foldables while making the use of the LTPOOLED display.


Some expected changes could be;

  1. Improved picture clarity
  2. Better Android and UI functioning
  3. More app related upgradations

While if we draw the similarities between the Samsung and the Google one’s it possibly includes;

  • 7.6 inches inward folding main display
  • And the underscreen camera

Though there’s nothing known about how the set gonna be or what exactly the features will be or what will be it’s costing and other considerable factors but still there’s a great to look upon it! And even there is no official confirmation when it will be launched, it could be only estimated that it’s announcement or release might be collabed with that of the PIXEL-6 series which is already scheduled for October. Nothing is sure of! Today David Naranjo also shared a list where it is mentioned that Pixel Fold will be launched in Q4 2021. So the rumors look promising.

But whatever it may be like possibly it could lead it to make its debut. ‘What do you think will it be able to do it with the “GOOGLE PIXEL FOLD” or not?

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