5 Things You Should Never Do Yourself When It Comes To Your Car

Are you the kind of person who likes to solve problems yourself? Do you enjoy tinkering with machinery and figuring out how things work? It’s not exactly a bad thing to be that kind of person. After all, fixing your own car can save you money in the long run. However, some things are better left to professionals. Even the most DIY-inclined car owners need to know their limits when it comes to auto repair. Here are 5 things you should never do regarding your car.

Windscreen replacement

The average person should never try to replace their car’s windscreen. Windscreens are the most expensive part of your car and are not something you can easily replace. Even if you find a new windscreen and get it installed, it won’t be covered by your insurance. You’ll have a new windscreen that you don’t have the money to replace if it gets cracked again. A professional auto glass installer such as Magic Windshields will have the right tools to ensure a safe and proper installation. They will also have the right insurance coverage if something goes wrong during installation. You could quickly pay $400 for a new windscreen. But, if you damage your car during installation, you’ll pay thousands to cover the cost of a new vehicle and replacement glass.

Transmission/Gearbox repairs

Transmission repairs are some of the most common auto repairs. However, these repairs are better left to the professionals. You could end up causing more damage if you try to repair these parts yourself. Transmission repairs are best left to a professional mechanic. A trained transmission specialist can diagnose and fix the problem faster and more accurately than you can. 

Engine problems

Engines are complicated machines that require a lot of maintenance. If you have engine problems, you should take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. Do not attempt to diagnose the problem yourself. Engines require special tools to diagnose the problem. You don’t have the tools or experience to diagnose the problem accurately. You could end up misdiagnosing the problem and delaying repairs. Diagnosing engine problems yourself is a bad idea. It’s better to have a mechanic diagnose the problem and let them decide when repairs are needed. 


Airbag replacements

Airbag replacements are serious business. They require a trained technician to be safe. If you attempt to replace the airbags yourself, you could end up causing more harm than good. Trying to replace the airbags could result in misalignment, incorrect installation, or an improper installation. This could result in the airbags not working correctly when needed. It could even lead to injury or death. It’s better to leave airbag replacements to a trained airbag technician. They can perform the repairs quickly and correctly. They can also test the airbags to make sure they are working correctly. If you attempt to replace the airbags yourself, you risk misalignment, incorrect installation, or an improper installation.

Touch Up Paint

One of the most common DIY repairs is painting a part of your car. You can easily pick up a can of spray paint and tackle any scratches or dents. This is a bad idea. If you misapply the color, it can lead to rust and other issues in the future. It can also look bad. A paint job done by a casual painter likely won’t look smooth or even. Use touch-up paint if you need to touch up parts on your car. It’s better to buy touch-up paint than to paint the whole part. The best touch-up paint will match the original color as closely as possible. For larger areas, you should contact a bodywork professional.


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