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How to Live a Greener Life

Humans are parasitic to this planet. We use its resources while there are other options that are renewable. We dump plastics and non-biodegradables into the water. We even frack for oil rather than use things like solar power. Of course, things are changing in the environmental and climate world, and the people in power are starting to sit up and notice that we are constantly draining the planet of its resources.

While we wait for the politicians out there to wake up and smell the roses, we must do all that we can to make sure that we are doing our best for the planet. From the advent of electric cars, to composting and growing our own vegetables, as humans we could do so much more for the world around us if we only pay attention. Here are some of the ways that you could live a greener life.

  • Stop bringing your own bags. You do not have to rely on reusable plastics when you could use fiber bags or hessian sacks. Getting in the habit of bringing your own bags to the grocery store is one of the best ways you can look after the planet because you are not going to be constantly using plastics that will end up in landfill.
  • The three magic Rs. Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve heard them since you were a child, and they are still relevant now. The reusable approach at home and using the reusable approach at work will help you to look after the planet a little bit better. This way, you can save the world without doing too much. Every time you do something, you could ask if you could have reused it. From brown bags for school lunches, to the bottled water you’re drinking, you can make sure that you implement a no trash rule wherever you go so that you are reusing and repurposing everything that you can possibly do and recycling the rest.
  • Look after your food. Did you know that what you eat can impact your carbon footprint? All the emissions that come from production come from you. It’s not always easy to know what you should and shouldn’t eat, but meat and waste categories are important to take note of. By cutting back on the consumption of meat and cutting back on food waste by buying and being strategic with preparation, you won’t toss out uneaten food and you will have a positive impact on that carbon footprint of yours.
  • From household cleaners, to deodorants, you can make sure that you are as natural as possible in everything that you use in your home. It’s going to take some time to change over all your products, but you should take that time so that you are doing better for the environment as a result.

Add all this together and you have a better planet as the result of the effort you make. It’s all on you and collectively, on us, to do better. 


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