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February 19, 2019 Technology

Apple may be working on its own foldable display device

With MWC 2019 around the corner, all the smartphone makers are battling it out for a foldable smartphone with many of them revealing the devices at the event. Samsung has already stated that they would be coming out with their foldable smartphone and Xiaomi also released a video of their foldable smartphone prototype.

But something interesting is that maybe Apple is also preparing for a foldable iPhone or maybe some device of that kind as hinted by a new patent filed by Apple.

Various companies will come out with their versions of foldable smartphones, as it is still not known which standard would the consumer most like. Samsung's foldable device will be 1 fold while as shown by Xiaomi they would be coming out with a two-fold foldable smartphone. These variations would certainly be a headache for Android as how to work properly on these displays.

LG which is known for its breakthrough in the foldable displays for TVs has decided to sit out of this initial wave for foldable displays as they think it is too early for them to introduce a foldable device. They will surely learn from the data and the reviews of the foldable devices of other companies and will access the best practice for their foldable device.

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February 18, 2019

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But it seems like Apple doesn't want to stay behind, as is ready to work on its own foldable display device. The patent gives insight into a couple of new ways t make the device bend.

Maybe for Apple, it will be too soon to come out with a foldable device as they would surely want to perfect this and land this tech with a bang.

Let us know what do you think, is it too early for foldable devices?

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