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Germany will win 2018 FIFA World Cup, according to 10,000 simulations

FIFA World Cup is only a month away and we have an exciting news for the German fans. UBS, a Swiss bank deployed a team of 18 analysts and editors and ran a computer simulation of the tournament and it was revealed that Germany has the highest percentage of winning the tournament.

The simulation was run over 10,000 times which gave Germany a winning percentage of 24, followed by Brazil and Spain. UBS released a 17 paper research note and some facts about the tournament and the host nation Russia.

UBS has done this earlier, but the results were far from what they had predicted. In 2014 UBS predicted Brazil to win the World Cup only to see them suffer a humiliating loss in the semi-final by 7-1 against Germany, who were the eventual winners.

In this year’s World Football Elo Rating, as UBS likes to dub their rating, there are also few surprises. England is ranked fourth with a world cup winning percentage of 8.2 percent, and they are placed higher than the France and Belgium.

But if look in general, Germany has been in an amazing form in recent times, they also won the most recent Confederations Cup which was held in Russia. Brazil and Spain are other football powerhouses, so there is nothing wrong that these three teams rank as the top three contenders to win the World Cup.

These simulations might look strong, but real results are the ones that will matter.

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