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September 5, 2019 Technology

Newly Launched Android 10 With User-Friendly Features

Android 10 has been launched loaded with mega features. Google released the final version of the new Operating System for the Android Smartphone. Even though Android 10 has been under the beta version, Google has released the OS with more number of features. One of the essential elements that most of the Android lovers are seeking in the modern day is the dark mode option in the Smartphone. In this new Android 10, Google has announced that option which would conveniently help conserve as well as focus mode. Android 10 has been mainly enabled with the couple of features that would set your mind-blowing. Android 10 will be available on the upcoming Pixel phones and suitable for the modern user. Google launched Android 10 with the month-long wait in a much more unique way and ideal for the people to enjoy mega features. Google started to roll the Android 10 on the Pixel Smartphone that includes the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and many others. Below are some of the essential feature that has been added in this Android Operating System uniquely. When you are an Android Smartphone user, then Google has introduced this new latest version mobile operating system.

Dark Theme:

Android users have been long waiting for the Dark Theme on Android's ecosystem. Google uses Black mode for quickly increasing the battery life in the Smartphone. It could easily choose the different system-wide basis for the apps in a more efficient way.

Live Caption:

Android new version has been updated with the automatic caption video along with the audio messages along with the podcasts across apps. It is one of the most magnificent features in upcoming Pixel Smartphone.

Smart Reply:

Smart Reply feature recommends users with the appropriate action for messages that have been received. For example, when a friend sends the user text message along with the address, email link, or YouTube video, then it would automatically open the link, or it would ask for the suggestion in the YouTube.

Privacy Features:

Android 10 has been enabled with more privacy aspects so that the user could quickly get more privacy settings on the Web and App Activity. Now the user could change the Ad Settings with personalization.

Gesture Navigation:

The Gesture Navigation has been enabled with the great advanced option with the better fluidity in the Smartphone. Now the user could quickly swipe backward and forwards or go home using smooth gestures or even switch between the apps in a unique way.

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