Space Travelling- Only for Astronauts?

Growing advancements in science and technology are striving to fulfill our all dreams that once would seem foolish. Ok, so just let me know if you as a child have never dreamt of traveling space and exploring more about it. But obviously, not all of us wanted to be astronauts in the future; but only a handful of children do, and among them how many actually became astronauts and fulfill their ‘dream’, the number might be much lesser than we actually would be thinking of.

But now, it’s no more important to be an astronaut to be able to travel space. Yes! You heard right of it, the scientists have made it possible today with their great efforts. The ‘Space Exploration Technologies Corp-the SPACE-X, an American-based aerospace company has become the first one to send four private citizens, being not professionally trained, to the first-ever mission of its kind the ‘‘INSPIRATION 4’’.

Inspiration 4 is primarily aimed at being a fundraising event for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which is a non-profit one conducting cancer research and providing free care to ones with cancer. The aim is to collect $200 million; the first $100 million has been donated by Isaacman, one of the billionaire entrepreneurs, the mission’s funder, and yeah one among the crew members of the Inspiration 4.

And the other aspect was to study the effect of microgravity on the human body. Proctor, Arceneaux, Sembroski, and Isaacman are the four of the common civilians to go to space and return back entering the Earth’s atmosphere Saturday night splashing off the eastern coast of Florida. Previously, one of their shared videos sharing their experiences went to create a great sensation; one amongst them doing somersaulting inside the Space X’s Crew Dragon, another learning to draw with metallic pens, and others shooting it.


The specific changes required in the capsule included;

  • Installing a glass dome at docking door’s position
  • Providing a 360 degrees view of space

The crew splashed almost 30 miles east of the Kennedy center from where the Space X’s Falcon rocket was launched. It was all around 7:06 p.m. ET, being retrieved by the recovery team. The Inspiration 4 mission lasted for 71 hours and the first statement given by Isaacman expressed gratitude to Space X –‘’ Thanks, SpaceX! It was a heck of a ride for us, and we are just getting started.’’

The mission director Scott Poteet held a post-splashdown conference after the crew’s three-day trip boosting the success of the mission informed, ‘They are taking selfies, they are having a good time, they are eating, drinking, standing and walking around.’

You can all imagine what an indeed achievement it is! It has opened many doors to further development and for more such missions in the future. The missions that might follow could be;

  • First private mission to ISS
  • Three additional trips signed up by Axiom Space

Science is providing us with different ways to fulfill our dreams. Though many milestones were achieved, still have a long way to go!

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