HP Unveils First-ever Mini Workstation

This week HP announced and rolled out its mini workstation Z2 Mini in India. It is the world’s first mini station. It is the small PC that is designed for those who are in the field of Computer Aided Design (CAD) areas.It is just 2.3-inch high. The Z2 Mini is as small as nearly 90% as compared to a traditional class tower PC.It has an amazing feature to provide six displays. Therefore we can take out this fact that tis workstation has nearly double the power as compared to those commercial mini PCs that are currently being used.

Ketan Patel, HP Inc. India said that “Designed for the workspace of the future, HP Z2 Mini Workstation is remarkably versatile and it showcases next level power by offering twice the power of a business-class mini PC, a key for designers.”

The HP Z2 Mini workstation will be now available for citizens of India starting January 25 .It is priced at Rs. 72,000.
The workstation runs on a Windows 10 Pro and also on Linux as per your requirements. This small ministration has been given next-generation Intel Xeon processors which makes tit a beast. It has NVidia professional graphics and also a HP Z Turbo Drive that is meant to large files effectively.