No need to get Nokia 3310 to play Snake

With the release of Nokia 3310 at this MWC, one thing that gained attention of many people was the game ‘Snake’. The classic game retuned on the Nokia 3310 as a revamped version of the old ‘Snake’ game. But to play that game you don’t need to get your hands on 3310. We will tell how to play this game even if you don’t have Nokia 3310.

For this you need to have Facebook Messenger app installed if you are using iOS or Android device. Open the app and then launch the Facebook Games section. Then you will be presented with a number of options of games with Nokia Snake right at or close to top.

But as Facebook Messenger Games is not available in every country, so Nokia Snake is also not present in every country. The countries in which you can play this game so far are Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, United States, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, France, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Estonia, Taiwan, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Israel, Lithuania, Spain, and Italy.

Now our smartphones are capable of handling the most processor intensive games and that is great, but you will see how much fun it is playing a comparatively simple game as Snake.