Nokia set to launch its phones in 120 markets at the same time in Q2 2017

Nokia showed off its all new Nokia 6, 5 and 3 android smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2017 this February, along with the newer version of classic Nokia 3310. Then HMD indicated that Nokia 6 will be released worldwide but nothing was certain about any other device.

Now we’ve got some news on when these phones will be launched worldwide.

A spokesman for HMD said that the current plan to launch Nokia 6, 5, and 3 smartphones in 120 markets at the same time in Q2 in 2017. This is going to happen between April and June.

The first release from HMD was Nokia 6 and that was in China earlier this year and then showed off other mobiles at MWC 2017.


It has been stated that Nokia 5 and 3 will go on sale in the UK followed by Nokia 6 in June. As for the release in the US, official Nokia twitter stated that there will be Nokia releases along with other global releases.

But the all new Nokia 3310 will not be released in the US as it uses 2G network and there is no 2G network available in the country. Well they could probably release a newer version of this mobile.

Well these phones have made quite a buzz on the internet and hopefully they will be released worldwide. Till then stay tuned with us as we will keep you updated on any further news regarding the releases of these phones.