OnePlus 3T Midnight Edition to be launched soon in India

OnePlus is never out of news. The only reason why OnePlus is always is in news because of its innovation. Every another day, the company keeps on launching new innovating ideas that are attracting new customers for them. Now OnePlus has launched a new variant of OnePlus 3T which is called as OnePlus 3T Midnight black.

The main feature of this device is its color. It is a full black colored body and rest everything is same. This limited edition variant will be available only in 128 GB variant in India and other countries.

In India, the device will be launched on 31st March at 2pm. Customers will get three modes of purchasing this device – , OnePlus official website and OnePlus experience store that is located in Bengaluru. The pre orders for this device will start on Thursday.

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black India price

There are no changes in the price of this edition and other variants. The price of OnePlus 3T midnight black edition will be Rs. 34,999.


The midnight variant is the second launch by the company. The company also launched a variant named “OnePlus 3T Black Colette Edition”. There is no clear notification by the company on the exact number of these variants released, but the company said that these variants will be very limited in number.

According to the company officials, they have been working on the black edition for nearly one year and they have already experimented over 30 color variants for the black. Company said that getting this premium black color was there main aim.

According to the company’s forum blog site, “This limited edition of the OnePlus 3T is hewed out of the same space-grade aluminum that lent the original OnePlus 3 and 3T devices their class and durability. A dark coating of just 14 microns in thickness is meticulously applied to the surface of the phone, imbuing the device with a stunning black color built to last, while retaining the look and feel of naked metal”

According to the Indian website of OnePlus, The Company feels that the material used is very superior and best available technology has been used to give the coating. Still the company has said that the users cannot rule out the fact that there won’t be cases of any micro-abrasions.


This was all about the OnePlus 3T innovation news. Stay tuned with KNine Vox for more updates on this device and other trending devices in the market.