Samsung enters gaming laptop industry with Odyssey

Gaming has become an integral part of the laptop industry. There was a time when gaming was not considered to be a part of computer industry and more focus was laid on the performance of the computers rather than making them gaming specialist. But now there has been gradual shift in the approach of the companies.

Companies like Samsung have also shifted their focus on the gaming laptops that we haven’t even seen for the companies such as Samsung. This year at CES 2017, Samsung has also started to penetrate into the gaming laptops section.

Samsung has begun its gaming laptop journey with “The Odyssey”. Samsung launches 15 inch “The Odyssey” in February and 17 inch “The Odyssey” will be launched in April. “The Odyssey” has a good sleek design that comes with a red colour backlight on the basic model and a multicolour backlight on the top model.

The bottom panel has got a series of crosshatch design cooling vents that are called hexaflow vent by Samsung.


Looking at the specifications, “The Odyssey” 15 is a 15 inch laptop and it weighs nearly 5.5 pounds. It has NVidia GeForce 1050 GPU that been used by most of the top gaming laptops to provide excellent graphics experience to the gamers at full resolution. One thing you need to note here is that it doesn’t support VR as for that laptop needs to have an NVidia 1060 GPU.

Looking at the “The Odyssey” 17, it is a 17 inch laptop and it weighs around 8.3 pounds. As it has not been launched yet we have no sure news about the specifications of this laptop but we expect that it will have an NVidia 1070 or maximum 1080 that are the best ones in this class nowadays.

Both the “The Odyssey” 15 and “The Odyssey” 17 have a basic 1920×1080 resolution screen. Kninevox believe that for gaming laptops, the resolutions should be always higher, that why we considered it has a basic resolutions. But what we like about the screen is that the screens are antiglare, which is a very handy and useful feature for gamers, especially in multiplayer games.

The price for “The Odyssey” has not been released yet and we expect that the range for “The Odyssey” laptops will start at 1,199 dollars. For more news and updates about the laptops and tech world, stay tuned with kninevox for further advancements in this industry.