Google Launches AutoDraw which turns your sketches into art

Google recently came out with an amazing web tool which is named AutoDraw, this uses machine learning and provides you with drawings from talented artists based on your sketch.

This is a part of Google’s AI Experiments. AutoDraw uses AI algorithms to assist users. This is available on computer, mobile and even on tablets. It is a free service provided by Google. AutoDraw’s algorithm can recognize sketches and provides similar images creates by artisits.

It will greatly help users, as creating a dog from mouse might not be that great, but AutoDraw, based on that sketch provides with doodle images that are finished version of that sketch.

Google pointed out that technology working behind AutoDraw is Quick, Draw!. It makes users to draw images such as house, tree, clock, etc., and then used these images as input to train the algorithm of AutoDraw.


Creations from mouse can never be right and there might be some flaws while guessing the images, but still this has been a nice showcase by Google’s Machine Learning.