Moto Z2 renders and leaks – what to expect

So there’s another interesting leak and it’s of Moto Z2. There are various pictures leaked and a 360 degree video showing Moto Z2. Moto Z2 Force that looks very much like last year’s Moto Z Force. You can thank Moto Mods for the older looks but fortunately, there are still some changes worth noting.

A strange reappearance of 3.5mm headphone jack as sown in the images, which was controversially removed from last year’s Moto Z series. That’s a great news for someone who has avoided last year’s model due to this, but bad news for those who have thrown their wired earphones due to less future of wired headphones for Moto.

This new device looks to be a mixture of last year’s Moto Z and this year’s Moto G5. There’s a thin band running through the edges of phone presumably to allow better radio signal access to the four antennas rumored to be inside.

Sprint might use these antennas to bring Cat. 16 download speeds to the Moto Z2 Force. Moto Z2 Force specs will include the Snapdragon 835. Sprint has already acknowledged themselves as a partner of Qualcomm and Motorola for its LTE enhancement.


The big difference between the last year’s Moto Z and this year’s Moto Z is that 2017 Moto Z has a Dual camera which will help getting better focus and picture quality, and has a redesigned fingerprint scanner having Moto logo just above it.

But there is still a camera bump at its back which should have been removed but this preferably due to Moto mods. It will once again have a 5.5 inch screen like last year’s Moto Z but can’t say anything about its resolution.