New partnership between Samsung and Google Play Music

Samsung and Google have announced a new partnership and this will be in the form of Google Play Music. Under this partnership, the Google play music will be the default music player as well as a streaming service provider on the Samsung mobiles as well as tablets. Much of this partnership related to the launch of S8 and S8 plus. This means that Samsung Galaxy S8 will have Google play music as its default music player.

This partnership gives a benefit to exclusive Samsung users as they will get a chance to upload a maximum of 100,000 own songs to the Google music play and that will be free of cost. On the other side, Non-Samsung users only get a chance to upload 50,000 own songs. All new Samsung mobiles and tablets will be launched with a no cost three month trial of Google play music.

In November 2015, Google launched other versions of play music that was based on the Google’s machine learning tools. These tools help the service to understand the kind of music the user likes and all this is done on the basis of location, time, activities and weather etc.

Google play music has a tough competition against the well-known names like Spotify, Pandora, apple music and this tie-up with Samsung will help Google in a great way to expand its business and reach the customers. The partnership will give a good push in the revenues generated from this play service.


Although Samsung has its own music player also, it is no worry for the Samsung. The advantage for Samsung is that now they don’t have to spend their revenues in the development and improvement of own music players.

One of the interesting facts that come out here is that Google’s play music service will also support Bixby. This means that the users will now be able to command Bixby to search a particular song for them and then play the same with the help of Google play services.

We will see how this partnership works when Samsung’s flagship phones will be rolled out in Indian market from May 5.Till then stay tuned with KNine Vox for further updates in the world of mobiles and software.