Buy Windows 10 S laptops for as low as $189

Microsoft just revealed its latest operating system and named it Windows 10 S. This is just a more secure version of Windows 10. It runs sandboxed apps and doesn’t require expensive hardware.

Microsoft has made a competitor for Chromebook as Microsoft’s Window 10 S laptops will be available in the market for as low as $189 which will be having office apps so that you can use them full fledgedly.

These cheap laptops will help schools to buy a ton of laptops so that they can give these to students. These devices will be coming with Minecraft-Education edition with one-year free subscription and also office 365 will be included in the laptop with free Office 365 online apps which will be free for both students and teachers.

Window 10 S devices will be shipped in summer just at the time of commencement of new school year. Students will be able to upgrade their previous version of windows to latest one if they want to for free.


Let’s see if Microsoft will be able to compete with Google in the education space.