Cortana Assistant brought to life as a Hologram

We all are familiar with Cortana, the Microsoft AI. It is based on the AI used in the game Halo as its name is inspired from the AI that was part of the game. Microsoft unveiled it in 2014, and it is now found in all the Windows 10 devices.

But one fan got a step further as he tried to bring the digital assistant to life. James Archer who posted a video on his YouTube channel showed how to build and working of the holographic Cortana.

It all starts as he asked Cortana if he’ll need an umbrella that day, to which Cortana AI appeared in the pyramid and responded as that would not be necessary, and as she is done delivering the news she walks away and disappears.

Archer posted an overview about his build on his blog. HE used Windows 10 version of Cortana and used Unity 3D app to animate her.


To orient the hologram towards the speaker it uses face tracking. The case is designed by him and he printed it himself.

Archer is not stopping at this only, he said that he can not only use this device for asking Cortana but can also be used to control music and other functions in his house, and he’ll demonstrate it in a video.


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