DJI Spark – the amazing compact drone from DJI

DJI has announced their new quadcopter named DJI spark, this is a portable quadcopter which you can carry anywhere with you. The special thing about this is that it is very lightweight and small size as of an iPhone and Spark comes with a 1080p full HD camera.

Gimbal on this camera does not go left or right it just goes up and downward, that is a downgrade from its predecessor but remember that it is a drone and that everybody can manage to buy it.

If you are new to flying quadcopter then this is definitely for you because it has the easiest controls and is very stable to control, but it cannot manage that good in high-speed winds. Flight time is also good as it’s around 16 minutes but drone is not fast enough to film a sports car running.

But DJI has added a little crazy feature in it that you can control it by your hand gestures, you have to just double tap on the power button and wait for it to sync and then slowly remove your palm under the spark and it will take off automatically. Then with the palm directed directly towards the Drone and in whatever direction you move your palm the drone will follow your directions and to land on your palm just put your hand directly under the spark it will land on it.


That’s not all, DJI spark can also be controlled by your phone through its app, like a remote you will find sticks on your screen and live stream through camera, there is an option to sync camera with your phone sensors camera will move in the same direction in which your mobile will be tilted. If you find landing difficult app will manage that for you just press landing button and it will land gently.

The price of the Spark will be around 500$, and that is not high if we talk about the features this drone is packing.