Explore all the amazing stuff that happened at Google IO

Like each year Google I/O was held and live streamed on YouTube as you know Google take a good amount of pause before starting it but this time they got some games to keep viewers busy by blowing bubbles and catching on their phone each time team blue wins but this wasn’t the main attraction.

The main attractions was the improvement in Google assistant and new Android O so let’s start.

Google Assistant


A new app has been developed called Google lens, as represented by the name it was an old concept of searching using your camera lens but that time it was not that reliable, now it has been added to assistant which will help you to translate any sign board and do many other things like, you can connect to WiFi just pointing the camera towards the information sticker and you can even take it as a note and can give information about the place you are pointing your camera at like phone number and reviews.


That’s not all Google has released its assistant SDK for 3rd party apps even for iOS which will bring a huge development to it and you can do a lot more things with your voice.

From now you can even do transactions, you just need to add your address and card, then you can order anything with talking to the Food ferm AI, you don’t need to talk to executive and with just a touch at fingerprint scanner, you will get your order.

Now talking about Google home in U.S, Home will be able to make free calls without any extra hardware requirements.

And from now on, you will also be able to get visual response to your TV by Google home, your TV must have cast options for THIS SERVICE.


Google Photos


Photos has become a major part of many Android users as it stores your whole world, but the main problem is that when you are capturing a function of get-together through your phone, you either do not get a chance to click your photos or you simply forget it, but there is someone in the family who has clicked all the photos on his phone, so Photos has made it easier to share photos, as of now you will be able to share photos without losing quality.

Another update is photo library, you can merge your selected group of photos to a library with a person or family for example if a husband takes a picture of his children it will automatically add to its wife account as well so you can select people of whom photos you want to be common.

And now you can also get your photo book done both in solid cover and digital Google will automatically pick the best pics and merge them with the event after your selection in just 10$, you will get a printed photo book on your door steps.


Google lens is also helpful here if you have taken photos of many objects and monuments assistant will automatically search it for you giving all the information you need.



YouTube has been exceeded a lot with not only mobile but TV also so now you can watch 360° videos in your living room with help of your remote buttons.

A new feature of YouTube is live but you already knew it so what is new in it? It’s the comment section in which you can buy paid comment section which will be highlighted and will be pinned to top this will help you to get your comment directly to the broadcaster and they will also be helped financially this is called superchat and Google has also launched its API for all 3rd party apps.


Android O


Like each year this time Google has also introduced new Android OS as last year multitasking was done in split screen but In Android O you will also get an option for floating windows which was earlier available in Samsung devices this was also a awaited feature. Next is notification dots whenever any app will give you notification it will get a dot on top of app icon by long pressing icon you will get the notification as in popup and notification will also be removed from the notification bar.

As you know if you enter any email and password to chrome it can remind it for you and add autofill support to it but this feature is also available to apps.

Google Play Protect



Play services have a huge amount of user as well as developer base and Google is working hard every day to detect malicious apps and deleting them from play store this protect app is just a visual representation of their work and you will also come know what apps are detected malicious.



For the first time in the history of Android, a 3rd party language has been added to Android which will help to increase the app environment for Android and many other languages has been in line too so stay tuned.

Android Go



Many years ago Google has started a project called Android one in which the main concern was to provide good Android phones at affordable price Android go is just the same concept with more filtered technology these mobiles will have their personalized Android O os which will consume fewer data and apps will be small in size to get more out of storage and apps like YouTube go and other lite apps will be preinstalled on play store the lite apps will be recommended first with all other apps.


Last year Google announced daydream with its headset which showed us what a phone can do it can take you to a different world but now Google want to take it a step further they are making a standalone headset with no phones, PC or any cable.

And in AR section with project tango Google has made a new type of navigation called VPS (visual positioning system), it requires no satellite just a defined position of the objects, think you want to go to a supermarket you use maps but once you entered market you want to buy some groceries maps will not tell you where it is rather VPS will take you there.

Later this year S8andS8+ will be supporting daydream.