Microsoft Windows 10 S killer feature is its office

Microsoft unveiled its new operating system which they named Microsoft Window 10 S. It is a more streamlined and secure version of the previous window 10. But Microsoft kept the design same feels like a normal PC, nothing much of difference from the older one. The main change in the new window will be its Office.

In window 10 S, you have to download apps from window store only means you won’t be able to download apps from browser. Developers have to submit their apps on the window store so that the users will be able to download the app.

The company reassured that the Office apps will be available in the windows store shortly. So this means that you will be able to buy a $189 Window 10 S laptop and run office apps full-fledged.

Microsoft will be using its office apps in advertising its Window 10 S devices as it’s a sweet deal as you will be able to buy a cheap laptop which runs word. This time it looks like Microsoft is planning to eat the chromebook’s market share.