Stabilize videos with just a click using Google Photos

Some of you might not have the flagship smartphones like google pixel, Samsung galaxy s8, iPhone 7 which contain OIS and EIS for smooth video recording which your device might not have due to which you don’t like shooting with your phone.

If you are one of those then this might interest you as Google has added a new feature which will stabilize your video recordings in Google Photos.

Now just with a single click you will be able to stabilize your video recordings. Flagship devices use optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization which help in getting smooth shots. For stabilizing the video frame is cut by a small amount so as to receive a stabilized video.

But don’t expect that your videos will become so smooth like shot on a steady cam if the video was rough with full of shaky movements. But it can surprise you with the results it shows.


Here’s a sample video with before stabilized video and after stabilizing the video.