Apple iPad Pro with 10.5 inch retina display announced with a feel of Mac

So, The Apple WWDC conference has been concluded and as we promised, now we will give you a detailed information about each of the product announced at Apple WWDC 2017.In this series, we will cover the announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2017.We have also covered the details of the announcements made at WWDC. If you have not read that article, do read it by clicking here:

Now our focus shifts on the details of the every single announcement made at Apple WWDC 2017.Today we will give you the specifications and details about the all-new “10.5 inch iPad Pro”

These are the all new specifications featured in 10.5 Inch iPad Pro:

Retina display:

Apple claims that 10.5 inch IPad Pro has got the most advanced display on the planet. IPad has always been praised for its touch features. Apple has now made a new top standard by redesigning the Retina display. This display is much brighter and less reflective than the previous displays. This display is more responsive than the earlier displays. Apple said that this display will give an ultimate smooth and fast experience while browsing or while playing 3D games.


10.5-inch screen:

Apple has upgraded the size of this iPad by about 20 percent than the last iPad available in the market which was a 9.7-inch model. The screen also gives you can option of full sized on screen keyboard. Apple also says that the keyboard is as portable as the user will want it to be.


120Hz Refresh Rate:

The all-new 10.5 inch IPad Pro has been given a redesigned Retina display and this display supports a 120Hz refresh rate. With this refresh rate, movies and videos look clearer and more illustrative. Moreover, the gaming experience also becomes amazing. While using the display with fingers, it will be more responsive.

600 Nits Brightness:

iPad has been featured with enhanced brightness. This will help the user to see the contents of the screen in any location having bright or low lights.


P3 Wide Colour Display:

With the help of P3 color gamut, the user will experience truer live images as it will give more vibrant combinations of green and red colors.

Just 1.8% reflectivity:

According to the company claims, the screen of 10.5 inch IPad Pro is designed with an Anti-reflective coating which helps in making display very clear and readable.

Redesigned Multitasking:

With the help of iOS 11, an all-new Dock makes it easy for the user to open recently used apps and files. And when the user uses Slide Over or Split View, both the working apps will stay active which will help you in working with both of them simultaneously. For example: editing an image in Adobe Photoshop Fix while creating a web page is the best-quoted example mentioned by Apple.

The A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture:

This chip comes with six cores and it gives you immense power in your hands as a user. This even allows you to edit 4k videos and also helps to you elaborate any 3D model. It can easily help you in creating complex and heavy documents or presentations.


Image Signal Processor:

This feature of 10.5 inch IPad Pro helps the user captured images more vivid and amazing to look and makes a perfect photo for the user.

10hour Battery life:

Apple has promised to deliver a 10-hour long battery for 10.5 inch IPad Pro. Apple claims that the battery of this IPad will long last for more than 10hours.

Lighter weight and thickness:

Apple has worked on the dimensions of iPad as well. In this model of iPad, it just weights 1 pound and it is just 6.1mm thick. The 12.5-inch version of iPad weighted about 1.5pound and had a thickness of 6.9mm.


IPad Pro has now nearly the same camera as iPhone 7. The camera has an advanced optical image stabilizer and a f/1.8 aperture. This feature makes the camera well equipped to click amazing photos and videos in low light conditions.


2X faster Touch ID:

Touch ID now uses an advanced fingerprint sensor which helps the user to instantly lock the iPad. The touch ID response has been increased to give a better experience to the user.

Hence this was all about the iPad Pro; we will cover more of the announcements in the coming articles. Till then stay tuned with KNine Vox for further updates on the world of technology. Do follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get on the go updates about the latest tech news.