Apple Watch OS 4 announced with fitness focused update

Apple WWDC 2017 has kept everyone busy. Various new exciting announcements have made everyone wanting to know more about the announcements. In this article, we will cover Apple Watch OS 4 that has been announced at this WWDC. It includes many new features and we will have a look at them in this article.

So, Apple has now announced the next version of its smart watch series that will be available in markets at the end of this year. Various new features included in this watch includes a watch face which is based on Siri. Apple has also worked on the updating related to the time and location.

The basic work of Siri watch face is that it will automatically determine that what kind of information should be displayed in a particular situation of the time. This information can be in the form of train arrivals, flight timings, boarding passes and smart control etc.

Apple has also developed a watch face based on kaleidoscope. In addition to this, Apple has also developed new character faces in this smartwatch. Earlier Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were there in the form of character faces. The new characters that have been included are characters of the toy story movie.


The other updates in Apple Watch OS4 are related to the fitness tracking feature. This watch has been featured with an all new interface for the workout app. various integrations have also been done with different gym equipment companies. With the help of these features, the watch will be able to make more accurate tracking. These features will also enable the owners to link their watch with the other gym equipment via NFC mode.

Apple watch OS4 has also got an improved music management system. After this improvement, the watch has got the ability to import the playlists from Apple music. There is also a redesigned dock that will help to scroll through the recently used apps.

Hence, for now, we can conclude that this updated version of Apple Watch is not that much unique than the previous version of Apple Watch. But still, we can say that many key areas have been improved that will please the users. We are still waiting for the testing version of this watch so that we can give you a detailed review of this watch. Till then stay tuned with KNine Vox for further more updates. Also, read the other articles on the devices launched at WWDC 2017. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.