Claudio Bravo provides a match winning performance in Chile’s win over Portugal

Last night European Champions Portugal went down and lost as they were not able to score even a single goal against Chile, not even in the penalty shootout. Portugal vs Chile semi-final match was a treat to watch even it was a goalless 120 minute play, before heading out to penalties.

Claudio Bravo, Chile’s goalkeeper was impenetrable in the whole play as he not only finished with a clean sheet but also saved all three penalties in the shootout, and this led to Chile’s hard worked win over Portugal in penalties by 3-0.

Portugal was threating in the initial part of the play, with creating enough close chances to score, but South Americans turned out be threatening as they were able to hit the post two times in the final parts of the game. But neither of the sides were able to make the breakthrough.


The game ended goalless and then headed out to penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout Chile was able to score from all the three attempts, while Portugal missed all of its three penalty shoots, eventually handling the win to Chile.

Claudio Bravo served a heroic performance as he not only stopped Portuguese from scoring during the 120 minutes play, but also stopped all three penalties. Before Confederations Cup he hasn’t had any good moments on the pitch over the last year, but Wednesday’s performance sees his country make it to the final.


Portugal’s performance in the third half was not up to the mark and Ronaldo didn’t even take penalty kick as he was listed fifth. If he had taken penalty earlier and converted to goal, this might have given his team the boost and confidence, but now they saw Chile make it to the final and they have to settle this in the third place match.