KFC is set to send its sandwich in space

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is getting ready to send their sandwich to space. Yes, you heard it right, KFC is actually sending a sandwich in space.

Various things have made to space like saxophone and a recorded sound of laughter. Now it’s the turn of a sandwich to travel in space. KFC has made this statement in its Twitter handle.

Firstly it seemed that it is a gimmick but it’s actually going to happen. The sandwich will be traveling in a balloon known as Stratollite. This balloon can go up in the sky till 100,000 feet. This high-altitude vehicle is designed to eventually stay up into the stratosphere for months to a year at a time, providing communication services or scanning the Earth’s surface. But up until now, the Stratollite has only flown between six and 12 hours.


The vehicle is designed to “surf” the upper atmosphere’s winds, shifting its altitude so it can remain in the same general location over the Earth. During the chicken flight, World View will test how several parts of the Stratollite — like its altitude control system, communications systems, and solar power technology — will work together over the course of multiple days. The flight will be recorded with 5 different cameras.

Worldview also wants to pay customers to go up in these high-altitude balloons. The ride will be having a cabin with large windows, Wi-Fi, a bar, and a bathroom inside the balloon. Tickets are already available for $75,000.

The flight had to take place on June 21st but was delayed due to weather conditions. The vehicle is supposed to take off from a remote site 40 miles out of Tucson, Arizona, and World View is streaming the event. This is the first time the company has done a live broadcast.