NFS Payback and Fast and Furious have various things in common than just cars

EA at the E3 2017 event highlighted its upcoming Need For Speed Payback for quite a time by showing its gameplay footage. The game looked awesome but if you thought that the game had scenes from Fast and Furious movie then you are not alone.

There were scenes in the game that were identical to Fast and Furious and even some of the dialogues were from the movie itself. For e.g. when the lead role female says to her male counterpart, “Get me close to the truck and I’ll take care of the rest.” After listening to this line you might have smiled because it’s a scene that we’ve seen time and time again in these movies.

Not just this dialogue but various other are similar to that of the movie. In fact, even the way the main character from Payback leaps from the car onto the truck she’s trying to take over is eerily similar to sequences from that film.

This isn’t to say that Payback is completely inspired by the Fast and the Furious franchise, but there are a number of similarities that are undeniable. But if we say that NFS is going really like the Fast and Furious movie, well it might become the most anticipated game of 2017.