Now Smart Switch your data between devices

Nowadays, the thing that comes to mind while thinking of buying a new smartphone device is the problem of shifting data from old device to new device. Shifting heavy and bulk data from the old device to new device can be a very hectic task and thus you may drop the idea of purchasing a new device only because you may face difficulties in transferring the old data into your new device. To solve this problem, the company has now started to give you an easy reason to start thinking of buying a new device and Samsung has come up with it.

Samsung is giving its best to attract more customers to its name. Following this strategy, now Samsung has launched an app to make your data transfer to new device smoothly and easily. The app’s name is ‘Smart Switch”. Now Samsung has updated its smart switch website to make an easier and simpler transfer of data from your device to new Galaxy device.

Smart switch is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. It gives you three method of transferring the data from your old device to new device.

  • By using Wi-Fi.
  • Connecting both your devices via USB.
  • By SMART SWITCH software.

After establishing the connection between both the devices, you can easily transfer data from the old device to the new device and this will be done at very fast speed.


According to the company, the website platform is the easiest and most simple way of transferring data as it also gives you an option to backup your data.

Launching of such apps has been a trend in the market. This has become an easy way to shift more customers towards the side of the company. When a customer gets an easy mode of shifting his useful data from old device to new device very easily, he can certainly think of buying a new device.

Following this pattern, recently apply had also launched the same type of platform which will help all kind of users to shift to IOS platform easily. It will also work like smart switch. Thus it will help the customer to easily transfer data from old device to new device from any platform to any platform.

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