Teams will not lose their review in case of Umpire’s Call

With effect from 1st October 2017,the teams will not lose their review if the review is rejected due to “umpire’s call” in the DRS system (Decision review system).The committee of ICC chief executives finally gave their approval to this recommendation and other things in the month of MAY.

There were number of approvals and most of them were related to DRS system. Other approval was that DRS will also be used in T20 format also.

Furthermore, the committee also gave the approval on the use of minimum standards in DRS usage along with ball tracking and ultra-edge technology. Other approvals were as follows:

  • Bat size restrictions: The bat size has been limited to 108mm in width, 67mm depth and 40mm edge.
  • Punishment for misconduct on-field: Now the umpires will have the power to send the players out of the game for any serious misconduct.
  • Run out rule: From now, the batsmen will be considered as they have made their ground even if their bat bounced up in the air after it was dragged in the crease.
  • There recommendations were long pending and everyone was demanding these changes especially in the DRS system. Some expert also said that these changes should have been implemented in the start of the recently concluded Champions Trophy. But these rules have been given approval now and we will see how these rules will change the game plan of the teams and the player who’s bat size have been greater than the limits set by the ICC committee.