The most important features of iOS 11 you need to know

Apple’s WWDC 2017 saw an enormous number of announcements of new features made in relation to iOS 11. Here we have got a list of top five major new features for iOS 11.

App Store redesigned:

One of the major iOS 11 updates is about redesigned App Store. When you will launch the app, you will be directed the tab named “new today” and that will help you in the discovery of apps and other things like new collections etc.

Then there will be a second tab named Games. It is specially made to give information about the new and latest trending games, it also makes purchasing apps easier and it also gives you tips and videos about the games in the games tab.

Notifications, Lock screen and Control Centre:

Notifications and lock screen have been amalgamated to a single screen. The control center has been given a new looking which makes it more users friendly. It also features a 3D touch that gives a quick access to other features and thus it makes using Apple a lot easier and user-friendly.


New Messaging Features:

The messaging app of IOS 11 has been updated to give more features. It gives you an option to use new features such as app drawer and more stickers. It also helps you pay your contacts with the help of iMessage.

IOS 11’s messaging app has been updated with several new features including a new app drawer, which contains stickers, the new Apple Pay peer-to-peer feature that lets you pay contacts via iMessage, and lots more.

A Touch ID fingerprint sensor is used by Apple’s Pay. The money received will be debited to Apple pay card and that can be used in purchasing Apple apps or it can also be transferred into the bank account.

Furthermore, Apple has also added a Quicktype keyboard. This helps you to use the device with a single hand as the keys will be closer to the thumb position and thus helping in typing single-handed.


Improvements in SIRI:

Siri has now been featured with a more naturally sounding voice of male and female. Siri has also got a new interface.

Apple has made Siri an ability to translate into other languages like German, Italian, and Chinese etc. Apple has also promised to add other languages also.

Intelligent SIRI in iOS 11:

Siri will now have the ability to learn more about user’s nature and daily life. With this learning, Siri will try to give suggestions based on your search and other activities. Sirikit has also been developed for the developers so that they can use Siri into the apps.

Camera features:

The camera has been changed with a lot of improvements that includes, improved image quality. A portrait more of iPhone 7 can be used with optical image stabilization and other new features.


Apple announced a new technology named High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF).It helps in reducing the size of your iPhone 7 photos.

The camera also gets a built-in QR scanner.

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