Covering up Apple iPhone 8 leaks and rumors

We are months far for the launch of iPhone 8 but still Apple iPhone 8 has become the most talked phone on the internet nowadays. Getting the same design from consecutive three years Apple fans are dying to watch the new design Apple will give the iPhone 8.

There have been so many leaks on internet which seems to make the iPhone 8 launched already. The OLED display covering the front screen mostly fully and the rear camera vertically oriented at the back.

Still there are controversies regarding the display of iPhone 8. Many leaks show that the iPhone 8 has full face display with an inbuilt screen fingerprint scanner but some leaks say that Apple has not been able to build this type of fingerprint scanner. To assure this we will have to wait till the launch date of iPhone 8 or the next leak. Apple iPhone 8 might come with a wireless charging. And also iPhone 8 will come with a fully new notification panel.


As the new iPhone 8 will have a massive display with a dual rear camera which is vertically oriented and also a wireless charger, no doubt its price will be high.

Rumors are that iPhone 8 will be launched much later than usual. There might be four colors to the new iPhone and an exciting color “mirror type” might be there.