Good News For iPhone Fans! – Prices slashed upto Rs 6,600 after GST implementation

Wondering the effect of GST on Mobile phones, we already said that mobile phones will go cheaper when GST comes into force. That’s what we have started to see now. Apple has officially decreased that Maximum retail price of all the Apple products in India.

Having a look at the iPhone devices, every device has got a price cut ranging from Rs 1200 to Rs 6,600 for Apple IPhone’s 7plus in 256 variant models.

Whereas, for the iPad Range of devices, the price cut range is between Rs 900 to Rs 3,900. It’s also been said that the new models’ price will also be revised.

The prices of MacBook have been kept unchanged, but the 12inch model and 15 inch model of MacBook Pro has got a price reduction starting from Rs 5,000 to Rs 11,800.


If you are still confused at what prices now iPhone is available in the market, Our expert panel has prepared a chart for your device with revised price of each device.

  Revised Price Previous Price
iPhone SE 32 GB Rs 27,200 Rs 26,000
iPhone SE 128 GB Rs 37,200 Rs 36,000
iPhone 6S 32 GB Rs 50,000 Rs 46,900
iPhone 6S 128 GB Rs 60,000 Rs 55,900
iPhone 6S plus 32 GB Rs 60,000 Rs 56,100
iPhone 6S plus 128 GB Rs 70,000 Rs 65,000
iPhone 7 32 GB Rs 60,000 Rs 56,200
iPhone 7 128 GB Rs 70,000 Rs 65,200
iPhone 7 256 GB Rs 80,000 Rs 74,400
iPhone 7 plus 32 GB Rs 72,000 Rs 67,300
iPhone 7 plus 128 GB Rs 82,000 Rs 76,200
iPhone 7 plus 256 GB Rs 92,000 Rs 85,400

This was all about the Revised Prices of iPhone. We will also bring you the revised price list of other Apple devices in coming series. Stay tuned with KNine Vox for more updates in tech markets.