Samsung acquires Greek startup company Innoetics

It’s the season of acquisitions, Yet again with more acquisition news. Making into news is the smartphone Giant Samsung.

Samsung has officially acquired a technology company startup named as Innoetics. The Company has its headquarters in Greek. The details of this deal were not disclosed by Samsung but it is said that Samsung has made this deal for about 43 million Dollars.

Those who don’t know Innoetics, It is the company that has its specialization in the development of advanced text to speech technology and Voice to speech technology. This company was founded in 2006 and has worked in the development of sounds and narration. There have been developing such technologies that have the ability to copy the users just by listening and thus it tries to make this technology better and better.


We have still to see that how Samsung will take the advantage of this deal. We are sure of this fact that this technology will be used in the improvement of Bixby and to make it better than the other competitors. Some experts are also saying that it can be expected that Samsung may launch a fully new product with the help of this deal.

The statement of the company was mailed to TechCrunch in this manner, “Samsung has agreed to acquire Innoetics. Samsung is always exploring ways to deepen our relationships with companies like Innoetics whose technologies present an opportunity to strengthen Samsung’s capabilities”

As per TechCrunch, Innoetics has such an advanced technology that it has the ability to “listen to a person speaking, train on what that person is saying, and then read out a piece of completely unrelated text in that same voice.”

Given that Samsung has been doing many acquisitions in past, we expect that we will soon see something unique from the company.


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